Top 8 Websites to Watch Korean Drama for Free

K-pop and K-drama have taken the world by its very root. It’s totally worth of the hype. Who could have thought that Korean Drama would be ruling entertainment for large- even Hollywood? From winning Oscars to dominating streaming channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos, K-drama and K-pop has surely made it to the industry, rather triumphantly! However, not all of us know about streaming channels other than Netflix, that supports Korean drama. Here, we have for all the kimchi and K-pop aficionados- streaming channels for free!!

Let’s thus get started. Scroll through, know more!

Best Websites to Watch Korean Drama For Free

1. Dramanice

Dramanice Korean Drama Website has a wide range of Korean genres from the action, thrill, horror, investigation, family life, social life, and romance, etc. The Dramanice app is basically for all latest updates on Asian Dramas and News like Korean Dramas, Chinese Dramas, Japanese Dramas, etc.
You can keep up with everything happening in the world of Asian dramas: breaking news, trending releases, upcoming, actors and exclusive featured articles! You can follow the drama fan clubs of your favourite actors, and never miss a thing! The best part being that it’s free and available on Google Play Store.

2. KissAsian

The App let’s you explore the latest Korean movie premieres according to different criteria: new additions, trendy contents, daily and weekly tops, the most popular movies and the best TV series as well. The app is pretty ordinary and works almost like others, also allowing us to download videos to be able to watch them offline. Without a doubt, it’s a great complement for legal, on-demand, subscriptions services, as the latter don’t offer us Asian TV and movie references in their catalogue.

3. DramaFire

DramaFire is your go-to app to watch all the latest Korean movies and TV shows. You can download and watch Latest Korean movies and Korean drama in HD. Having difficulties in pursuing your love for Korean drama due to unavailability of such apps. Well, in that case, Dramafire can be the endmost solution to all your problems. Moreover, there will be a continuous upgrade of the latest best Korean movies. In addition to this, you can even inform yourself about the latest news regarding Korean films and drama industry.

4. Netflix

Netflix is one of the largest streaming channels in the world now. It streams almost every movie and TV show, from all possible genres. Moreover, language is not even a problem here. It has a huge collection of shows and movies in Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Korean, American, and just to name a few. Korean dramas can be seen in huge numbers here. Moreover, Netflix allows you to not only download your favorites but also keeps notifying you of the latest entries. However, you do have to give in some money for the subscription, only to enjoy the laid-back Korean fun!

5. Viu

Viu is a free app that allows you to watch almost all Asian Tv shows and movies including Korean drama as well. It also provides you with subtitles in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu. You can even download for free.

6. AsianCrush

Let’s just all agree that AsianCrush is the No. 1 streaming service dedicated to Asian entertainment in North America, with over 1000 premium movies and TV shows from the leading entertainment producers in Asia. Users can watch anything anytime anywhere, even download stuff, and yes for free!

7. Hulu

Hulu is another amazing app to watch Korean dramas. It’s readily available for android users. It is similar to Netflix here for it starts suggesting you more K-drama options when you show your interest onto the app. Well, the only problem here is that you are to hardly move away from your place because the loop of binge-watching is surely gonna be an endless one!

8. Boxasian

Boxasian is one of the best platforms for watching Korean Dramas, Korean Movies, and Korean TV Shows online for free. You can easily download the latest Korean HD movies, Dramas via the Boxasian platform. By using Boxasian default video player, you can watch new Korean Movies, Dramas, KShows with English subtitles and HD Quality. Also, you’ll be updated about all the latest entries, right through the app!

Final Thoughts

Aren’t you already psyched enough? Well, now that you have got so many options to binge-watch on your favorite Korean drama series or movies of all time, don’t you feel you should get going already?! Being a K-pop fan, we can bet that you would want to check out each and every app given above. We totally believe in your decision perhaps. Well, after going on for a while now, we believe to have faith in your choice. May the best app win!

Till then Happy Watching!!


How having a Routine In Life Can be Helpful?

What do you think about when I say routine? Do you make yourself do certain things each day to make sure it goes well? If you do then that would be a routine. It may be as simple as getting up early and having the quiet moment with a cup of coffee before the children get up.

School is starting soon for many people around the country. This is when you need to make yourself a routine to make your life a little smoother. A routine in a family’s home can save time and stress. A routine will make you more organized. It is best to have a routine for many things for a family. Last thing you need when getting ready to go somewhere is running around the house looking for something.

Routine For Parents

  • Set out children’s clothes the night before.
  • Get up early enough to do breakfast and get kids ready for school.
  • Check the kids homework in the mornings before school to make sure it is done.
  • When children get home from school, have a special routine set up for homework time.
  • Set up special rules for spending time with friends and doing chores around the house.
  • Make sure the school bags are at a designated place the night before school. This way not running around looking for them.

Routine of Bloggers

Each blogger has their own routine that one might follow each day. It is best sometimes to stick with so one’s day go flow smoothly.

  • Checking emails
  • Replying to comments left on the blog
  • Pinning any posts to Pinterest
  • Composing new posts for the blog
  • Update old blog posts
  • Adding blog posts to Linky parties
  • Scheduling posts on Social media sites like Facebook or Twitter

The Idea of Being a VA (Virtual Assistant)

In today’s economy, people are choosing to work from home. A virtual assistant is one of those jobs some choose. A virtual assistant is one who works behind the scenes of a client. Their duties could be calling people, managing their social media sites. Sometimes a VA may also have a blog of their own as well. This job can be hard because one has to do things the way the clients want them to do it. Which may be different than a person may be used to.

One can take on as many jobs as they wish to depend on how many they can handle. It all depends also on how much money one needs to make.

Social media is a major thing in many businesses now. That is how people spread the word about their business.

If you know social media, WordPress, and computers, in general, may being a virtual assistant could be your thing. Check it out spread the word that you are looking for jobs.…

What To Do When Facebook Goes Down?

1. Visit Twitter when Facebook goes down, that is where everyone is. I go there to schedule posts but that’s not the only thing. If you follow #facebookdown on twitter, you will be entertained for a long time, as a matter of fact, I just laughed so hard my ribs hurt but reading some of them.

2. Visit Pinterest, I hear you can find great things there. I am sure you will be inspired to share a recipe or make it, share a craft or go make it. I love Pinterest and I visit it pretty much daily.

3. Go enjoy the great outdoors. I hear that there are still trails you can go walk, and parks you can visit, I am sure the kids would love that. I also think you might enjoy doing a little fishing, it’s so relaxing. Don’t worry, if Facebook comes back up, I am sure you will have your phone, I know I would be checking if I had mine.

4. Read a book. This is something I try and do from time to time but you can actually get a least a chapter in while Facebook is down.

5. Read a blog, I hear there are some good ones out there, like this one. There are so many to choose from like lifestyle, frugal, blogging, just to name a few.

6. Take a nap if you are tired.

7. Go shopping. If you are needing to go grab a few items that you need or just want to go gift shopping, now is the time.

8. Go cook – Do you have a dessert you want to make for after dinner, you could make it a little early.

9. Go clean house. I am sure there is something that needs cleaning, always is. Now is the time to go knock it out.

10. Go do the laundry. There is always something dirty around here and I am sure you have some too. Go start the washer and get them done.…

Top 5 Benefits of Blogging For Bloggers

I love blogging, it’s a great hobby, business and keeps me busy. I remember starting a blog back when it was pretty new and I had no clue what I was doing. I wasn’t even sure if there was any way of monetizing it accept affiliate links and really wasn’t even sure I was doing that right.

Back then, it was just something for me to do and learn but never really got far. Since then, I have had a hand full of blogs and learned something with each and every one of them. But I will tell you, now, I think blogging is awesome!

Here’s Why Blogging Is So Awesome

If you are a blogger, I am pretty sure you think its awesome too. There are so many different blogs out there so they possibilities are endless.

Here are a few ways I think blogging is so awesome.


If you are a writer or want to start writing, blogging is the way to go. People write for many different reasons, such as, to help people learn something, to share photos, to help others make money, talk about their life, promote their business and so many other things.

Meet People

Blogging is a great way to meet new people whether it be online or in person.

You might meet new people because your in a blogging tribe, go to a blogging conference or just to help and support each other while blogging.

I have met some wonderful people online and some have become great online friends, such as my blogging partner here at 2 Chicks Blogging. We help each other with blogging and share each others posts on social media. We each both have our own personal blogs besides this one and help each other out a lot.


Sharing others blog posts on social media can be rewarding. It helps to get noticed out there with other bloggers and bring in more customers and readers. Growing your social media and email list is something that bloggers love because we know that we are providing content that our readers love and when they love it, they will share it with their friends also.

Make Money

Most bloggers love to make money with their blogs because it’s there business. Its a way to help provide for their family.

There are many ways you can monetize your blog such as:

Monetize Your Blog Using these Methods:

Advertising Networks

There are many different advertising networks and Google Adsense is the most popular.

Text Ad or Banner Ad

Theer are ways you can accept advertising from other businesses. There is many different options available such as Passionfruit or you can accept them manually and place them on your blog yourself.


Becoming an affiliate with different brands can be rewarding. Lot’s of bloggers ad their affiliate links to appropriate text within a blog post and if its clicked and the reader makes a purchase, the bloggers will earn a profit from the sale. Some bloggers might even add banners to their sidebar of the blog.


I am sure you have come across some blogs that have an ebook or product for sale on their blog, this is a great way to earn money online.


There are many bloggers out there that offer a service from their blog such as web design, ecourses, graphic design, virtual assistant, freelancing, coaching and so much more.

Sponsored Reviews/Paid Posts

There are also lots of bloggers that do sponsored reviews and paid posts. This can also be rewarding when monetizing your blog. You can either pitch to a brand that fits your niche and that your readers will love and sometimes you might even be contacted by a brand yourself.
Blogging can be a lot of fun, I know it is to me.

Do you blog? If so, what do you blog about?…

10 Things To Do Instead of Watching Television

I know there are many households that either does not have a television or limit the hours a child watches television.  Do you find yourself watching television when no one is home?  This summer, while I was off work I did a lot of television watching, but that was because I was to stay off my feet.  Once I was able to more, I tried to stay away from my bedroom. The television sucked me in, and I would end up laying on the bed while watching show after show.

The key point is Do not Turn the Television On

  1.  Read a Book, Explore a different world in the book.
  2. Make a batch of cookies from scratch to show your family you love them because you put your love into the batch by making them from scratch.
  3. Clean out the drawer that is a catch all drawer.  I am sure most families have one.
  4. Search the local calendars on the internet to plan some family-friendly events for the weekend.
  5. Sort the laundry for the next time you will be doing laundry or start a load of laundry.
  6. If you are a blogger, brainstorm some new blog post ideas for your editorial calendar.
  7. Play a board game or a video game with your younger kids to spend some time with them.
  8. Go to Pinterest and find some new recipes to make, and print those recipes out.
  9. Go and do the Daily Poll, NOSO, and watch a few videos to earn some Swagbucks.
  10. Take a nap, depending on what time it is.

Remember not having the television on also saves on electricity.…

How to Improve Your Game With Short Game Tips

Your short game, or the play from within 100 feet of the pin, can make or break your golf game. How annoying is to make a superb shot off the tee, to play a pretty decent midfield shot that lands a few feet of the green, only to screw up in the short approach shot or putt! You just want to lay and die right there. Well, do not take it too hard. Just make yourself a promise to improve your short iron play. Your scoring will get amazingly better.

Short Shots Make 80% of Game

Using wedges, putters and short irons makes up roughly 80% of your entire golf game, so it would be paramount to work on this aspect in order to see improvement overall. Using your short irons, putters and wedges does not require any special skill or big muscles. This is a part of the game that anyone can master, but only with practice. And, the more you practice the better you will get.


When putting, do not think-just do. Thinking too much about how the putt should go down, guarantees that it will not go down. This is the time when you have to use the force. Relax into the shot. You have practiced it, now picture it and when you see it hit the ball the way you did in practice. Practice: before teeing off, practice putting by lining up the ball on the turf and pushing it a few feet; do this five or six times with no back swing just to get used to making contact with the ball. Do follow through, but no back swing.

Pitch Shot

For a pitch shot, open your stance and accelerate through the swing. The most common mistake that a beginner makes with a pitch or wedge shot is squaring up to the target at address and then slowing down in the back swing. Squaring your shoulders while opening up your feet, knees and hips toward the target will not allow you to follow through the shot, which in turn will not give you the lift and air you need for it to finish correctly on the spot that you intended it to land on.

Bunker Shots

Bunker shots, like pitch or chip shots are “feel” shots that only get better with hours of practice. There is no easy way to get better, despite what some salesmen are trying to tell you. Practicing the shot makes you more efficient and consistent, simple. Drop three or four balls in various locations around the sand and practice. Remember not to ground your club in the sand. That is a no, no. But you can dig in with your feet. Hit the shots over and over until you get comfortable and can figure out what it is that the ball will do, once you make contact.

Improvement Comes

If you are a beginner, then get better at putting, pitching or chipping. Pretend that you do not own a driver and must rely on your irons and primarily your short irons to make your game. Getting better with your short game will work wonders for you scores. More strokes that you shave off in this part of the game the less you have to worry about where your drive ends up. Once you get really good at the short game, then you can go and work on hitting those massive awe inspiring shots off the tee.…

Things You Need to Look Before Buying a New Gaming Laptop

There are 3 things that you need to focus on when searching for the best gaming laptops. They are as follows:

  • Speed
  • Astounding sound effects
  • Ultra-sharp images

These things are brought about by certain features, which shall be discussed one-by-one.


When it comes to speed, the vital features of the best gaming laptop that you should check are the processor and the DDR RAM memory. For ultimate gaming experience, go for Intel Core i5 processor at least; better yet, opt for Intel Core i7 if your budget permits.

The processor alone is not sufficient enough to provide the speed that you seek. It has to be in tandem with the DDR RAM memory. Make sure to buy the best gaming laptops with no less than 1 GB of DDR RAM.

Likewise, the higher RAM the better. But then again, 1 GB is not enough to power more demanding games today; you better crank up on this aspect by maximizing DDR RAM memory as much as possible. More powerful laptops in the top ten gaming laptop list have astounding 8 GB of DDR RAM to as high as 16 GB.

A perfect tandem is a top ten gaming laptop with second generation dual Intel Core i7 processor with 16 GB RAM. But such tandem comes with a high price like the ASUS Republic of Gamers.

Visual Effects

Visual effects of the top ten gaming laptop are powered by the graphics card. Just like the DDR RAM memory, the graphics card is influenced by the amount of space expressed in Gigabyte. Top brands of video cards are ATI Radeon and NVidea GeForce.

Even if they are made by the best brands, they are useless if under-power with little video card memory. The ideal space is at least 2 GB for better gaming experience. Some of the best gaming laptops have as high as 3 GB of dedicated video cards, backed by shared memory space.

Sound Effects

This is the part where different brands greatly vary. Some brands have their own unique technology in producing awesome sound effects. Toshiba, for instance, uses Harman/Kardon speakers. Do your own research on this part. In most cases, top ten gaming laptops are bundled with excellent sound effects to boost your gaming experience.

At this point, you should already be aware of what features to look for when shopping for laptops in the top 10 gaming laptop category. Check the list of the best 10 laptops today ranked according to the specifications of the laptop; with particular emphasis on speed as measured by the processor and DDR RAM memory, video graphics card expressed in terms of amount of space in GB, and overall customer ratings.…

Top Five Classic Games for Little Girls

Online gaming for children is a growing industry, capable of providing many ways of developing your child’s imagination and learning skills. They will learn how to use a computer, how to search for things online and how to interact with other children through the virtual medium. Games can also motivate them to get better at what they like to do.Play online games for girls and see what your child might enjoy. Let’s look at the top five classic games for girls.

1. Hidden Object Games

Your girl will spend hours trying to solve mysteries and finding hidden treasures. She’ll learn how to concentrate in order to achieve a goal. They are very entertaining and are aimed at improving time-management skills that will come in handy at school and when time comes for homework.

2. Bubble Games

Nothing’s more fun than bubbles! Not the Powerpuff Girls character, but real, colorful bubbles. Have a great laugh popping bubbles and improving your agility skills. You have to be very fast and quite observant to spot three bubbles of the same color almost at the same time. You can join your daughter and see who wins. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

3. Dress up and Makeover Games

What girl doesn’t like to play dress up with her mother’s clothes? Or paint her face with make up until she looks like a funny, little clown. Save money on the laundry bill and show your girl how to have fun playing these types of games on the internet, via Let her dress a cartoon model up in different outfits and accessorize with beautiful jewelry. If she’s not happy with a look, she can start again! You can help her by giving her pointers or just let her imagination run wild.

4. Puzzle Games

Puzzles are among the first games given to babies to help develop the part of the brain that makes connections. They’re brain food and that is why your little girl has to play them. It makes children focus better and learn how to be patient. And once they’ve finished a puzzle, the smile on their face is a great reward for any parent.

5. Quizzes

These stimulate the mind and help your girllearn fun and interesting facts about the world that surround her. Let her answer questions, make logical connections and enjoy a smart game that will only help improve her natural abilities.…