Top 5 Benefits of Blogging For Bloggers

I love blogging, it’s a great hobby, business and keeps me busy. I remember starting a blog back when it was pretty new and I had no clue what I was doing. I wasn’t even sure if there was any way of monetizing it accept affiliate links and really wasn’t even sure I was doing that right.

Back then, it was just something for me to do and learn but never really got far. Since then, I have had a hand full of blogs and learned something with each and every one of them. But I will tell you, now, I think blogging is awesome!

Here’s Why Blogging Is So Awesome

If you are a blogger, I am pretty sure you think its awesome too. There are so many different blogs out there so they possibilities are endless.

Here are a few ways I think blogging is so awesome.


If you are a writer or want to start writing, blogging is the way to go. People write for many different reasons, such as, to help people learn something, to share photos, to help others make money, talk about their life, promote their business and so many other things.

Meet People

Blogging is a great way to meet new people whether it be online or in person.

You might meet new people because your in a blogging tribe, go to a blogging conference or just to help and support each other while blogging.

I have met some wonderful people online and some have become great online friends, such as my blogging partner here at 2 Chicks Blogging. We help each other with blogging and share each others posts on social media. We each both have our own personal blogs besides this one and help each other out a lot.


Sharing others blog posts on social media can be rewarding. It helps to get noticed out there with other bloggers and bring in more customers and readers. Growing your social media and email list is something that bloggers love because we know that we are providing content that our readers love and when they love it, they will share it with their friends also.

Make Money

Most bloggers love to make money with their blogs because it’s there business. Its a way to help provide for their family.

There are many ways you can monetize your blog such as:

Monetize Your Blog Using these Methods:

Advertising Networks

There are many different advertising networks and Google Adsense is the most popular.

Text Ad or Banner Ad

Theer are ways you can accept advertising from other businesses. There is many different options available such as Passionfruit or you can accept them manually and place them on your blog yourself.


Becoming an affiliate with different brands can be rewarding. Lot’s of bloggers ad their affiliate links to appropriate text within a blog post and if its clicked and the reader makes a purchase, the bloggers will earn a profit from the sale. Some bloggers might even add banners to their sidebar of the blog.


I am sure you have come across some blogs that have an ebook or product for sale on their blog, this is a great way to earn money online.


There are many bloggers out there that offer a service from their blog such as web design, ecourses, graphic design, virtual assistant, freelancing, coaching and so much more.

Sponsored Reviews/Paid Posts

There are also lots of bloggers that do sponsored reviews and paid posts. This can also be rewarding when monetizing your blog. You can either pitch to a brand that fits your niche and that your readers will love and sometimes you might even be contacted by a brand yourself.
Blogging can be a lot of fun, I know it is to me.

Do you blog? If so, what do you blog about?


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