What To Do When Facebook Goes Down?

1. Visit Twitter when Facebook goes down, that is where everyone is. I go there to schedule posts but that’s not the only thing. If you follow #facebookdown on twitter, you will be entertained for a long time, as a matter of fact, I just laughed so hard my ribs hurt but reading some of them.

2. Visit Pinterest, I hear you can find great things there. I am sure you will be inspired to share a recipe or make it, share a craft or go make it. I love Pinterest and I visit it pretty much daily.

3. Go enjoy the great outdoors. I hear that there are still trails you can go walk, and parks you can visit, I am sure the kids would love that. I also think you might enjoy doing a little fishing, it’s so relaxing. Don’t worry, if Facebook comes back up, I am sure you will have your phone, I know I would be checking if I had mine.

4. Read a book. This is something I try and do from time to time but you can actually get a least a chapter in while Facebook is down.

5. Read a blog, I hear there are some good ones out there, like this one. There are so many to choose from like lifestyle, frugal, blogging, just to name a few.

6. Take a nap if you are tired.

7. Go shopping. If you are needing to go grab a few items that you need or just want to go gift shopping, now is the time.

8. Go cook – Do you have a dessert you want to make for after dinner, you could make it a little early.

9. Go clean house. I am sure there is something that needs cleaning, always is. Now is the time to go knock it out.

10. Go do the laundry. There is always something dirty around here and I am sure you have some too. Go start the washer and get them done.…

10 Things To Do Instead of Watching Television

I know there are many households that either does not have a television or limit the hours a child watches television.  Do you find yourself watching television when no one is home?  This summer, while I was off work I did a lot of television watching, but that was because I was to stay off my feet.  Once I was able to more, I tried to stay away from my bedroom. The television sucked me in, and I would end up laying on the bed while watching show after show.

The key point is Do not Turn the Television On

  1.  Read a Book, Explore a different world in the book.
  2. Make a batch of cookies from scratch to show your family you love them because you put your love into the batch by making them from scratch.
  3. Clean out the drawer that is a catch all drawer.  I am sure most families have one.
  4. Search the local calendars on the internet to plan some family-friendly events for the weekend.
  5. Sort the laundry for the next time you will be doing laundry or start a load of laundry.
  6. If you are a blogger, brainstorm some new blog post ideas for your editorial calendar.
  7. Play a board game or a video game with your younger kids to spend some time with them.
  8. Go to Pinterest and find some new recipes to make, and print those recipes out.
  9. Go Swagbucks.com and do the Daily Poll, NOSO, and watch a few videos to earn some Swagbucks.
  10. Take a nap, depending on what time it is.

Remember not having the television on also saves on electricity.…

Things You Need to Look Before Buying a New Gaming Laptop

There are 3 things that you need to focus on when searching for the best gaming laptops. They are as follows:

  • Speed
  • Astounding sound effects
  • Ultra-sharp images

These things are brought about by certain features, which shall be discussed one-by-one.


When it comes to speed, the vital features of the best gaming laptop that you should check are the processor and the DDR RAM memory. For ultimate gaming experience, go for Intel Core i5 processor at least; better yet, opt for Intel Core i7 if your budget permits.

The processor alone is not sufficient enough to provide the speed that you seek. It has to be in tandem with the DDR RAM memory. Make sure to buy the best gaming laptops with no less than 1 GB of DDR RAM.

Likewise, the higher RAM the better. But then again, 1 GB is not enough to power more demanding games today; you better crank up on this aspect by maximizing DDR RAM memory as much as possible. More powerful laptops in the top ten gaming laptop list have astounding 8 GB of DDR RAM to as high as 16 GB.

A perfect tandem is a top ten gaming laptop with second generation dual Intel Core i7 processor with 16 GB RAM. But such tandem comes with a high price like the ASUS Republic of Gamers.

Visual Effects

Visual effects of the top ten gaming laptop are powered by the graphics card. Just like the DDR RAM memory, the graphics card is influenced by the amount of space expressed in Gigabyte. Top brands of video cards are ATI Radeon and NVidea GeForce.

Even if they are made by the best brands, they are useless if under-power with little video card memory. The ideal space is at least 2 GB for better gaming experience. Some of the best gaming laptops have as high as 3 GB of dedicated video cards, backed by shared memory space.

Sound Effects

This is the part where different brands greatly vary. Some brands have their own unique technology in producing awesome sound effects. Toshiba, for instance, uses Harman/Kardon speakers. Do your own research on this part. In most cases, top ten gaming laptops are bundled with excellent sound effects to boost your gaming experience.

At this point, you should already be aware of what features to look for when shopping for laptops in the top 10 gaming laptop category. Check the list of the best 10 laptops today ranked according to the specifications of the laptop; with particular emphasis on speed as measured by the processor and DDR RAM memory, video graphics card expressed in terms of amount of space in GB, and overall customer ratings.…