Top 8 Websites to Watch Korean Drama for Free

K-pop and K-drama have taken the world by its very root. It’s totally worth of the hype. Who could have thought that Korean Drama would be ruling entertainment for large- even Hollywood? From winning Oscars to dominating streaming channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos, K-drama and K-pop has surely made it to the industry, rather triumphantly! However, not all of us know about streaming channels other than Netflix, that supports Korean drama. Here, we have for all the kimchi and K-pop aficionados- streaming channels for free!!

Let’s thus get started. Scroll through, know more!

Best Websites to Watch Korean Drama For Free

1. Dramanice

Dramanice Korean Drama Website has a wide range of Korean genres from the action, thrill, horror, investigation, family life, social life, and romance, etc. The Dramanice app is basically for all latest updates on Asian Dramas and News like Korean Dramas, Chinese Dramas, Japanese Dramas, etc.
You can keep up with everything happening in the world of Asian dramas: breaking news, trending releases, upcoming, actors and exclusive featured articles! You can follow the drama fan clubs of your favourite actors, and never miss a thing! The best part being that it’s free and available on Google Play Store.

2. KissAsian

The App let’s you explore the latest Korean movie premieres according to different criteria: new additions, trendy contents, daily and weekly tops, the most popular movies and the best TV series as well. The app is pretty ordinary and works almost like others, also allowing us to download videos to be able to watch them offline. Without a doubt, it’s a great complement for legal, on-demand, subscriptions services, as the latter don’t offer us Asian TV and movie references in their catalogue.

3. DramaFire

DramaFire is your go-to app to watch all the latest Korean movies and TV shows. You can download and watch Latest Korean movies and Korean drama in HD. Having difficulties in pursuing your love for Korean drama due to unavailability of such apps. Well, in that case, Dramafire can be the endmost solution to all your problems. Moreover, there will be a continuous upgrade of the latest best Korean movies. In addition to this, you can even inform yourself about the latest news regarding Korean films and drama industry.

4. Netflix

Netflix is one of the largest streaming channels in the world now. It streams almost every movie and TV show, from all possible genres. Moreover, language is not even a problem here. It has a huge collection of shows and movies in Spanish, Hindi, Bengali, Korean, American, and just to name a few. Korean dramas can be seen in huge numbers here. Moreover, Netflix allows you to not only download your favorites but also keeps notifying you of the latest entries. However, you do have to give in some money for the subscription, only to enjoy the laid-back Korean fun!

5. Viu

Viu is a free app that allows you to watch almost all Asian Tv shows and movies including Korean drama as well. It also provides you with subtitles in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu. You can even download for free.

6. AsianCrush

Let’s just all agree that AsianCrush is the No. 1 streaming service dedicated to Asian entertainment in North America, with over 1000 premium movies and TV shows from the leading entertainment producers in Asia. Users can watch anything anytime anywhere, even download stuff, and yes for free!

7. Hulu

Hulu is another amazing app to watch Korean dramas. It’s readily available for android users. It is similar to Netflix here for it starts suggesting you more K-drama options when you show your interest onto the app. Well, the only problem here is that you are to hardly move away from your place because the loop of binge-watching is surely gonna be an endless one!

8. Boxasian

Boxasian is one of the best platforms for watching Korean Dramas, Korean Movies, and Korean TV Shows online for free. You can easily download the latest Korean HD movies, Dramas via the Boxasian platform. By using Boxasian default video player, you can watch new Korean Movies, Dramas, KShows with English subtitles and HD Quality. Also, you’ll be updated about all the latest entries, right through the app!

Final Thoughts

Aren’t you already psyched enough? Well, now that you have got so many options to binge-watch on your favorite Korean drama series or movies of all time, don’t you feel you should get going already?! Being a K-pop fan, we can bet that you would want to check out each and every app given above. We totally believe in your decision perhaps. Well, after going on for a while now, we believe to have faith in your choice. May the best app win!

Till then Happy Watching!!