10 Things To Do Instead of Watching Television

I know there are many households that either does not have a television or limit the hours a child watches television.  Do you find yourself watching television when no one is home?  This summer, while I was off work I did a lot of television watching, but that was because I was to stay off my feet.  Once I was able to more, I tried to stay away from my bedroom. The television sucked me in, and I would end up laying on the bed while watching show after show.

The key point is Do not Turn the Television On

  1.  Read a Book, Explore a different world in the book.
  2. Make a batch of cookies from scratch to show your family you love them because you put your love into the batch by making them from scratch.
  3. Clean out the drawer that is a catch all drawer.  I am sure most families have one.
  4. Search the local calendars on the internet to plan some family-friendly events for the weekend.
  5. Sort the laundry for the next time you will be doing laundry or start a load of laundry.
  6. If you are a blogger, brainstorm some new blog post ideas for your editorial calendar.
  7. Play a board game or a video game with your younger kids to spend some time with them.
  8. Go to Pinterest and find some new recipes to make, and print those recipes out.
  9. Go Swagbucks.com and do the Daily Poll, NOSO, and watch a few videos to earn some Swagbucks.
  10. Take a nap, depending on what time it is.

Remember not having the television on also saves on electricity.


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